Using the Demo

Welcome to the Fooshy Content Management System online demo. Please feel free to test Fooshy's capabilities by logging in to the administration section of this demo web site. Log in details are as follows...

Username: admin
Password : admin

Launch Fooshy CMS Admin

Please note, the web site content will be refreshed to its original state every 30 minutes, so any changes made will not be permanent - we have also taken out some of the admin functionality to keep the demo up and running for all visitors and also to prevent any user information from being used by other visitors. To download a trial version of Fooshy CMS, please click here, and to get help on using Fooshy, please click here.

About Us

Fooshy is an expandable and flexible content management system aimed at web designers and web site owners. Dynamic sites, full of content can quickly and easily be created without the need for any programming skills. Fooshy comes with an easy to use Content Administration system with built in management for documents, images and streamed media, and provides all the components required to build and manage content rich, attractive websites with the ease of creating a word document.

More Stuff

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